Batik Expose at Galeries Lafayette, 27 September 2018

GianaMayra today announces the launch of their newest collection, GianaMayra GALIYA Galiya itself means Precious. As a Founder and Creative Director, Utty Wakkary launched her new collection, inspired from the nature and Indonesian traditional batik.

She is aware of Indonesia's valuable cultural wealth and her instincts as an Indonesian women - Utty Wakkary works with the GianaMayra jewelry collection, lifting subeng / earrings stopper from ancestral heritage. Indonesian batik has thousands of traditional motifs that also inspire her to be the motif of jewelry she created, such as Mega Mendung, Kawung, Parang and many other motives. It does not mean that we lose the modern element, but instead the values of the cultural elements can blend harmoniously in this modern world, by harmonizing the elements of both will create beautiful designs and details to beautify the women in this modern era.

GALIYA Collection jewelry and updates classic GianaMayra silhouettes with genuine stones and intricate design techniques to capture a timeless, new look.

GALIYA pieces are designed to be seasonless with collector's appeal.  Whether on the  official or in particular event, the GianaMayra GALIYA collection is meant to be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

"GALIYA takes what people love most about GianaMayra to a level that is truly unparalleled," said Utty Wakkary. "I am so thrilled to offer this breathtaking collection to our customers.


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