Welcome to PT. Giana Nirmala Nubia (GianaMayra), thank you for visiting our website. GianaMayra offers this Website, including all the information, tools and services available from this Website to users, conditioned under your acceptance of all the terms, conditions, policies and notices stated. By using our website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The term ‘users’ refer to customers using the Website to purchase our products. Users are adviced to check the Terms and Conditions from time to time as changes may occur.

1. General Information

The GianaMayra Online Boutique is aimed exclusively to customers. The following Terms and Conditions applies to all purchasing contracts between us, GianaMayra, and you as the user bounded through purchasing from the GianaMayra online boutique.

The valid version of the Terms and Conditions is the one available on the Website. A deviation, contradictory or additional agreement are not part of the contract unless they are explicitly stated and agreed in the form of writing in advance.

2. Conclusion of Purchasing Contract

After concluding the order process by activating the “Purchase” button, you are bound to purchase the product(s) selected by you from the Website. After confirmation, we will immediately process the confirmation receipt of the order through e-mail using the e-mail address you have provided. The receipt confirmation is not a binding acceptance of the order just yet, however you can link with an explicit acceptance of declaration.

We are entitled to accept or reject the contract offer included in the order within 3 working days following receipt. This will be processed after checking your credit worthiness. The order confirmation will be accepted through e-mail or by dispatching the ordered goods. The purchase contract is concluded only by means of acceptance.

When the order entry is finalized, prior to dispatching the orders through clicking the “Purchase” Button, the finallized order details are later displayed, which by then you may have the opportunity to correct the errors or cancel the order.

The contract text is saved by us and sent to you by e-mail along with the Terms and Condition for purchasing our products and services, following the receipt of your order.

3. Payment Terms

The payment of the products ordered are required within 48 hours after ordering from the Website. An extension of the period mentioned may be negotiated, however prior notification may be required by contacting our customer service. The shipment will be processed only when the payment has been received, otherwise the order will expire.

The price given on the GianaMayra Online Boutique at the time of order being placed is bound by contract. The price stated in the website does not include the valid VAT for countries outside of Indonesia, which in this case, the customs and import duties are borne by the users.

When the price offered within the context of “discount” or “special offers”, they are exclusively limited to the special events, where such special events are indicated as such, valid under specific time limits.

Shipping charges applies. These charges will be displayed to you prior to finalization of the order process. The prices may vary according to region. When the region of choice is not available, please contact our customer service for options and advice.

The current available payment terms is bank account transfers to our company’s BCA bank account.

4. Shipment Terms

We ship to anywhere within Indonesia under local tariff rates. Shipment outiside of Indonesia is possible as well, however customers are advised to contact our customer service at csonline@gianamayra.com or call us at +62 816 847204 for shipping details, as the rates and policies may vary per country.

We will only ship the products and accept the payment while stocks are available.

The binding period will be informed to you where orders will be dispatched in the event of the acceptance of your order during the ordering process period. The delivery time will begin on the working day following the payment receipt of your order.

When there are any case that users are held responsible requiring re-delivery process of the goods, additional shipping charges and returns will be borne by you as the user. Cancellation is not an option due to customers’ bound by the stated Terms and Conditions.

5. Property Rights

The ordered goods remain our property until full payment, as stated in the Payment Terms has been fulfilled.

Prior to the transfer of ownership, the goods must not be assigned to other third parties claiming as collateral, please inform us beforehand regarding the written event or pledges made.

Transfer of ownership is valid once the goods ordered is shipped from the warehouse. The order tracking number and information regarding the shipment will immediately be informed through customer’s stated e-mail.

6. Copyright and Trademark

You are hereby informed that GianaMayra implemented the policy that provides the termination of contract when necessary and applicable, for users who repeat trademark and copyright infringers. Once the transfer of ownership was made, users are reminded that the given products are protected under trademarks and copyright agreement, therefore nothing stated on the Website shall be construed as granting the use of the trademarked products displayed as third parties’ brand without the owner’s prior written permission, except as otherwise described. GianaMayra therefore reserves all rights not expressly given in and to the Website and its content, which are protected under the Indonesian law.

All contents and materials on the Website such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, software, and others are owned and controlled by GianaMayra, protected under the Indonesian and international copyright and trademark laws. Therefore GianaMayra has the right and license to use such intellectual propery rights of the Website. Any deviations or replication and distributing the display or performance of the Website is strictly prohibited.

7. Limitation on Liability

In under any circumstances GianaMayra shall not be held responsible for any indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages, even with prior notice and advice on the possibility of occurance for such incidents to happen, whether or not they occur in action, under contract, negligence or any other events arising from the use, inability to use or performance of the information, service and products available from the Website.

8. Return and Exchanges Policies

Products are accepted for returns or exchanges in Indonesia if returned to a saleable condition within 3 working days from the day where the package has been received by user, with prior notice and acceptance from our customer service.

It is possible to ask for refunds, once we have received our product in the warehouse and prior contact to our customer service. When contacting, it is necessary for customers to provide the reason for return or exchange to which we have the right to accept or reject the request when necessary. The picture of the product and/or package may be necessary for evidence.

When exchanging an item, we will only accept an exchange for an item with the same or higher value as the one being returned. For items with higher value, the procedure of order and shipment shall remain the same as purchasing an item, where it will only be processed once payment have been received within 48 hours after finalizing your order.

Special order or custom items cannot be returned/exchanged unless they are factory defective.

The shipping cost for return and exchanges when there are no faults from the company will be accounted by the customers. The conditions accepted under warranty is provided under the ‘Return and Exchanges’ section under FAQ.

All the products and its information given in the Website are provided as it is and with a year warranty for faulty products after the date of purchase.

The term’ faulty products’ are accounted from our internal mistakes, and therefore a warranty will be given to you for reparation. Our quality management team will ensure the quality of the products prior to shipping and its packaging are in perfect condition. When the package received were faulty due to shipment error or user’s fault, we shall not be held accountable for the mistakes. Thus, the shipment and repair cost shall be borne by the users. Please refer to our ‘Return & Exchanges’ section under FAQ.

If your package has arrived and is heavily damaged due to shipment, we advise you not to open the package but immediately contact our customer service and provide us with a picture of the damaged package. Otherwise you are accounted as liable for the damaged goods.

The product image from the Website my slightly differ from the actual product you receive.

When the product you receive has faults, please immediately contact our Customer Service and provide your order information in detail, as required when you purchased the item (First and last name, address, detail of product, payment terms), provide the reason for return, and whether you require a refund, repair, or replacement.

Upon the receipt of the products, we will examine the products ordered beforehand, a picture as evidence of the product may be required, and the packaging must be as good as when you have received the package. We will then advice you on your right of replacement or refund through email as soon as possible.

When the product we receive from you is not faulty, we have the right to decide not to repair, replace or refund the products, and we may ask you to pay all the reasonable carriage and service costs for the process through debit or credit card as mentioned in the payment terms. To the extent stated by the law, we shall not be held accountable for your losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses.


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